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Detailed Engineering

COPCO S.A. uses personnel specialized in the different branches of engineering for the execution of the activities pertaining to the Detailed Engineering

Civil Engineering

  • Site Topography.
  • Structural Design.
  • Road/Transportation Design.
  • Platform Design.
  • Foundation Design.
  • Tendido de tuberías y cables subterráneos.
  • Piping Layout and Subterranean Cables
  • Review of Vendor Drawings.
  • Construction Specifications

Electrical Engineering

  • Voltage Drop Calculations.
  • Load Studies.
  • Short Circuit Calculations.
  • Tension Calculations.
  • Design of Duct Banks.
  • Grounding.
  • Illumination Calculations.
  • Coordination with Electric Utility Companies.
  • Specifications for Motors and Equipment.
  • Electrical Construction Specifications


Controls Engineering

  • Design Calculations for Control Valves, Relief Valves and Rupture Discs.
  • Material Specification for Assembly of Instruments
  • Data Sheet Review
  • Typical Instrumentation Assembly.
  • Review of Vendor Drawings.
  • Control Panels, Boards, and Cabinet
  • Specifications and Data Sheets
  • Construction Specifications and Assembly



Mechanical Engineeering

  • Elaboration and/or revision of requisitions.
  • Technical Analysis of Offerings per Standards and Specifications.
  • Elaboration and/or revision of Purchase Orders.
  • Revision of Drawings and Vendor Information.
  • Design for Process such as: Heat Exchangers & Boilers, Rotating Equipment, Towers, Reactor, Vessels & Tanks, Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Chemical Injection Packages

Process Engineering

  • Fluid Flow.
  • Heat Transfer.
  • Unit Operations.
  • Heat Balance Material.
  • P&IDs (Process & Instrumentation Diagrams)
  • Startups.
  • Simulations with Specialized Software.

Piping Engineering

  • Distribution and Plant Design .
  • Piping Dimensions
  • Piping Stress Calculations
  • Thermal Insulation.
  • Design/Drawings with Computational Tools (CADD).
  • Piping Class.
  • Purchase Specifications.
  • Construction and Assembly Specifications.
  • Budgets.
  • Evaluation of Offerings.


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